Media and Confection Confessions

Here we share all the great things being said about Chocolate Krak.

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A sweet little article in Seattle's Child Magazine, September 2016


Our first publicity!! Seattle Met Magazine, August 2016


This sh** is delicious! it’s like gourmet butterfinger but better and it’s all gone even though I planned to make it last, it was gone in two days. Shreya L

This stuff is just as addicting as the drug. I should know, I used to be a crackhead,hahaha.
Daniel P. ,Seattle

I just tried the mexi- dark chocolate and LOVE it! the spices are great and I would love to see that version without the ghost pepper. Even so, I think I have to go by later today and buy some more!
Marie S, Seattle

Its like a gourmet” Crunchy “bar from the UK,brings back childhood memories.
Richard W.

I bought a bag as a gift for more husband but ate the entire bag on the way home!
Susan K.

We occasionally give out Chocolate Krak to our patients in the waiting room , especially people who are obviously having a bad day. One lady was in tears , which completely dried up when she ate the candy. She, and the other patients we’ve shared it with are so grateful for that moment of joy.
Jen H.
Chiropractic Office Mgr.