What is Krak?  A candy, often called honeycomb or seafoam, made by melting sugar, corn syrup , honey and baking soda together. It then foams up giving it the seafoam like texture. We dip ours in chocolate for added deliciousness.

Is the chocolate you use Fair Trade certified?  Yes. We proudly use Belcolade Belgian chocolate.  Check out their story at www.

Why is the Mexi Krak harder than the original flavor?  Adding the spice powder mix changes the chemical reaction of the baking soda, sugar/corn syrup mix so it doesn’t aerate as much, giving it a slightly less soft texture.

Why does the honeycomb get sticky over time? Honey is a humectant, which means it draws moisture out of the air making the candy gooey. This is why we package it in an air tight bag and encourage you to use the ziploc seal to save your Chocolate Krak from getting gooey.

Can I freeze the Krak?  Absolutely! Freezing will keep the Krak fresh for a very long time. it can also be refrigerated for about 6 weeks.  Just be sure to put in an air tight container when freezing or refrigerating to keep other flavors from contaminating the Krak.

I heard that corn syrup is not healthy ,why do you use it? The health controversy is over the use of High Fructose Corn Syrup which has been chemically altered to add shelf life to products,, among other things. The issue is that our bodies don't process it the way we do other sweeteners like sugar, honey or regular corn syrup.  We use regular, not high fructose, GMO free corn syrup to achieve a light , airy quality in our honeycomb.

Why is it called Krak? Candy makers all over the world use terminology to describe the stages of heating sugar and other sweeteners for various outcomes. They are: thread or jelly, soft ball, hard ball,crack , hard crack and caramel. Our candy is heated to the crack stage and once set has to be cracked into bite size pieces. It also makes a cool snap and crack sound when being broken up, sort of like rice crispy cereal.