Stone ground chocolate, not everyone's cup of Cocoa.

The hot new trend in drinking chocolate (and bars, but more on that later), is Stone ground chocolate. Craft chocolate makers are revisiting chocolate's history and introducing we 21st century dwellers to the ancient Aztec and Mayan way of enjoying the delights of the cocoa bean. Of course that would mean drinking our cocoa , not eating it in sweetened candy form.

Thus , there are many fine Mexican style drinking cocoas on the market with more being introduced each year as the more bitter, but less processed flavor gains a following. It is the texture of this less processed (the conching step which gives chocolate its characteristic texture is skipped) chocolate that is most controversial. You either love  or hate it's chalkiness.

The braver chocolatiers are making actual candy bars with it, meeting with mixed success  Many add more sugar to introduce our American palates to the chalky , bitter flavor. Some use single source cocoa beans and talk about the terroir of the bar , much like coffee bean and fine wine makers do with their products.