What's Up with chocolate coins?

Being curious about all things chocolate, I've been thinking about chocolate coins and how they appear around the holidays. So a little research revealed the following;  In the Christian lore, St. Nicholas is said to have given coins to the poor children of ancient Turkey(then called Myra) at Christmas time. It is believed that one Christmas Eve he was on a roof and threw a bag of coins down a chimney and they landed in the stockings the resident child had hanging at the fire to dry.

In Jewish lore chanuka coins, real ones , were given to children(in Poland) to then give to their teachers at Hannuka. Eventually the children were given extra money(known as gelt) so they could keep some for themselves. Some believe it began with the ancient Macabee' s victory over the Greeks, who celebrated by minting special coins. It was the Americans who in the 20th century created chocolate gelt for gifting at Hannukah.