Naming the Confection of Krak

I am often asked how I came to call my candy Chocolate Krak. Although there is a giggle to be had over its similarity to another addictive substance with a different spelling, that is not why it is named Krak. When making candy that involves sugar and corn syrup there are stages of the heating process that are known as ; Soft ball, Hard ball, Crack and Hard crack. They refer to the consistency of the finished mass (soft ball for soft caramels for example). Chocolate Krak needs to be at the Crack stage before adding the sodium bicarbonate that makes it bubble up, resulting in little air pockets.

Naked Krak is the honeycomb candy before it is enrobed ( a technical chocolate term), in chocolate. Thus it is unclothed,or naked.

Dirty Crumbles is the spicy, cocoa infused honeycomb candy, that ends up looking like it is "dirty". My reference here, being a southern girl, is of course, Dirty Rice.

There you have it, a little bit of logic and a lot of humor and you get Chocolate Krak.