Meet Lisa, the Founder of Krak

When I found myself, at the age of 21, the co- owner of a restaurant in the historical area of downtown Philadelphia,  I went along on an adventure which taught me lessons I would never have learned in culinary school.  After a successful 3 year run, and many long hours, we sold and moved on to other ventures.

But in the ensuing years, nothing felt as “right” as those 3 years in the kitchen. So I eased myself back into cooking by starting a small catering company and working part time in various restaurants, including a stint at Boat Street Kitchen in Seattle. One of  my signatures as a caterer was the use of chocolate in both savory and sweet dishes.

I began making my own French style chocolate truffles but their short shelf life and fragility made them hard to sell without having my own store front.

I took another leap and downsized my catering business which gave me more time to experiment with chocolate confections again.

The delicious and unique fruit of that labor is Chocolate Krak.  Enjoy.

Client Testimonials

Rebecca - What can I say? This aptly named confection is the highlight of my day!  The perfect balance of textures and flavors create a decadent experience of the sweetest variety. I am addicted to Lisa’s Krak. -Rebecca Adams


Kim S -I am totally addicted to Lisa's Chocolate Krak! My favorite is the spicy Mexi-Moka in dark chocolate.It's the perfect  sweet treat  with a rich flavor. I like to savor each bite...a  little sea salt, the dark chocolate,and the light,crispy honeycomb that melts in my mouth.The spicy blend is like no other, happily warm and tingly on the tongue.It's the perfect candy to have at home and also a great gift for family, friends and clients. It's that good!